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About us

Couch Story is here to inspire you, to show you  lives of other people out there. It’s not about couchsurfing – it’s about the couchsurfers. About all the amazing people we meet and about their stories.

When I first met people from the Couchsurfing network I realised they are exactly the kind of people I enjoy and belong to. Self-confident, clever, somehow crazy (in the good way!) and original. All of them have their own story.

I want to share these stories with the world because I believe there are way more people like that. They just feel „strange“ and they are afraid of expressing themselves only because they don’t know other „strange“ people. I used to have the same problem… So now I want to show them that they don’t have to be superbrave or crazy to follow their dreams. There are thousands and hundreds of thousands people doing the same.

Couchsurfing was like going home for me. I started to meet lots of people who understood me. I also realised I do not have to be afraid of unknown and of other people. What should happen always happen anyway, but there can be a huge difference on how you react. People are generally good, you just have to trust them a bit…

Couch Story is here to inspire you, show you other people lives and to share interesting ideas. It’s not about couchsurfing – it’s about couchsurfers. About all the amazing people we meet and about their stories.

So… sit down, relax and start reading!


What is it all about?

Let’s call it coincidence.

We met by coincidence and created this concept by coincidence. We are going to follow the stories directed by coincidence and live the coincidence. As long as it makes sense and makes happy at least one of us. Although we hope that there will be enough of happy coincidence for both of us.

“I met Matouš at one of his lectures about digital nomads. I guess I was expecting to meet a young and foolish boy who would talk about the beauty of being free and wild. On contrary he talked more about commitments, duties and rules he had set for himself to live free life. I felt a great relief. I was really pleased to see that there is a free world that gives you opportunity to follow your wishes and at the same time is not made of drugs, laziness and uncertainty. So I asked him to have a talk,” Jarka says. Let’s call it coincidence.

It took us about 30 minutes to find a concept. Given that Matouš was tired and hungry and Jarka had a terrible headache it was an amazing success. We talked, we agreed and we started to move on. Let’s call it coincidence.

We started collecting stories of independend travelers who love to couchsurf or even better – people who are not afraid to share their homes and have their door open for strangers from all around the world. Freedom, sharing, curiosity and strong will to live their own lives are just some things connecting them.

MatoušName: Matouš Vinš
My home: Europe, trains, Earth (currently based mainly in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic)
My birthplace: Pilsen, Czech Republic

I grew up as an always-too-strange boy, the odd one. Fortunately I have been always surrounded by my amazing family, music and art. I started to travel as a little baby and have never stopped. I even had problems to finish my high school because of that. At the age of 18 and with 150£ I travelled alone for one month in Scotland. It was then when I realized that I really can do anything I want. It`s not about money nor circumstances. It`s just about me.

JarkaName: Jaroslava Haľková (JaHa)
My home town for last 13 years: Prague, Czech Republic
My home for two years: Manchester, United Kingdom
My birthplace: Humenné, Slovakia

I was born to a nice family in a small town in the east of Slovakia. My destiny was pretty well set. School, university, work and life. I was meant to be a teacher of Slovak language and Philosophy. I did what I was told until my graduation. The day came and I got scared of a normal life in the known world. I simply wanted to see more. Maybe because of the big map which was hanging on the wall in my parents’ flat. The map was my father’s way of travelling. He substituted his wish to travel by collecting postcards from all over the world. One colorful pin, for one colorful postcard.